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Precious stones blend with 14K Gold, creating little “stories” with kings & queens, stars & treasures from wanderings around the world. The things that stay untouched by time, have a special grace and make someone feel unique. Like the promises lovers make…

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Water drops are like small, sparkling pieces of art that almost never stand still.. What inspired me to create this collection, is the shape and motion of water drops and their connection to life in every sense.
From the moment they are created, it seems as if they are meant to give life to everything they touch. Two different handmade silver drops move freely on a beautiful chain, that sparkles like the water under the sunlight.

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Shapes, notions and symbols from Greek nature, past eras and the journeys of my mind and my heart, are all enclosed in this Collection. Pieces of jewellery created with the sense that assymetry and imperfection are a strong part of reality and they make things, people and objects more beautiful and more real.

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A collection that celebrates the endless beauty & power of colors. Some of the most unforgettable “pictures” I keep in my mind ever since I was a child, are full of colors and music, life & light, sun & sounds. The combination of the strong metal with the playful colored threads creates a magical contrast with bohemian notes, like the light of the sun setting behind a dark mountain..

Helios=Sun & Chromata=Colors

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This collection is inspired by these little summer secrets that taste like sea salt and make our heart smile. As a Greek, the sea has always given me a sense of freedom, adventure and endless moments of carefreeness and daydreaming. The three different seashells I have used to create this collection, were handpicked from my favorite beach in Lesvos island and were cast directly from the originals. Isn’t nature the greatest artist?

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The desire to unharness the hidden sensuality of a hand move, or a smile and let it fill the room like the aroma of a flower. If this could take form into a jewelry collection, in my mind it would look like “Once upon a time”.
Like a “frozen” moment from a past era, this collection is created with a romantic mood and a chain that feels and looks like a soft silver thread, together with yellow gold elements and precious stones.

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The inspiration for this collection comes from the aura of avant garde fairy tales, studded with gold and black lace & irresistable aromas. Two special designs “Madame Butterfly” & “Madame Peacock”. Butterfly and Peacock symbolize metamorphosis, rebirth and natural beauty. Every piece aims to exude a radiant femininity, through the sharp contrast of 24K Gold plated Silver and Rhodium plated Silver, while their fine and delicate form makes each piece become “one” with the wearer, almost like a tattoo.

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