Product care

All our gold plated jewelry have a thick layer of 24K gold (0,5 – 4 microns), which offers long endurance and excellent quality in the color of the plating. However, all gold plated jewelry are liable to lose their color overtime. The fading of the gold plating depends on various factors, such as direct contact with chemical products used for skincare, level of perspiration or even your natural skin PH. For this reason, it is important to take special care of your gold plated jewelry:
Avoid direct contact with perfumes, creams, sunscreens.
Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom or any humid spot. Water does not affect the quality of the platting, as long as it doesn’t stay on the jewelry. Sea water can affect the brightness of the color plating.
Store your jewelry away from natural sunlight and heat. For gold plated jewelry we recommend placing them in a protective (lined) jewelry box, or in a plastic zip lock bag made of polyethylene. Please note that our boxes and pouches are not made for long-term storage for our gold plated jewelry, as they are not airtight.

Repairs & re-plating

Quality and craftsmanship are of great importance for the brand. All DANAI GIANNELLI pieces are carefully handmade to last in time. If you need a repair please email us at or contact us at (+30) 2106722471. We can only accept repairs for items purchased directly from us. Repairs for items purchased at one of our retailers must be communicated through the original point of purchase.

All repairs are assessed on an individual basis. After we receive and examine the specific piece, we evaluate the cost (if any) of the repair and we proceed with it only after the customer’s confirmation.

In case you want to re-plate your DANAI GIANNELLI jewelry, please contact us and we will re-plate it with a small charge.