DANAI GIANNELLI HANDMADE JEWELLERY was founded in 2014 in Athens, Greece and it is involved in both wholesale and retail activities, inside and outside Greece.

All jewelry is handmade and handcrafted 100% in Greece, by traditional and highly experienced local fine jewelers and craftsmen, supporting this way, small local businesses and promoting creativity and high quality design.

Our made-to-order philosophy, ensures that we only make the amount of jewelry we are really going to sell, based on your orders. Therefore no overproduction and overstocking is created, with stock that “needs to be sold”.  Moreover, every piece of our Collection is crafted with high quality standards to be worn for a lifetime and can be entirely repaired in case it is needed.

All diamonds used follow the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS).

We recycle all defective elements to produce new pieces and our packaging materials follow the brand’s eco friendly philosophy.

The brand focuses on people who can distinguish the originality and unique design behind every piece they select and want to express themselves by wearing timeless and at the same time relaxed luxury pieces, created with respect to society and the environment.